Conference space for rent in Mánes, Praha 1

Events —
600 m2
450 persons —
Praha 1, Nové Město

The event gallery is an ideal exhibition space, but also an unusual conference space. It is possible to organize various social and commercial events, including press conferences and the introduction of new products.

Conference rooms offer a space with a total area of 250 m2, which can be variably arranged for a press conference or various presentations using exhibition panels.

The capacity of the space is 110 people for sitting, which corresponds to the number of chairs that the space offers. However, if needed, it can fit up to 150 people.

Standing capacity is 240 people.


  • Rent costs 30 000 CZK
  • Rent does not include fees for energy consumption, technical work (fire supervision, technical supervision) and cleaning, they are charged according to reality and are around 7 000 CZK / day
  • The price for renting chairs is 6 CZK / pc
  • There is only basic lighting in the space, we will be happy to provide other technical equipment for you
  • Catering is provided exclusively by the adjacent restaurant
  • You need to have your own sound system for events
  • The space does not have its own parking, we can arrange it in the garages of the National Theater, or at Žofín. The transport of things is solved by a short stop on the sidewalk in front of the gallery
  • It is not possible to stick anything to the floor or wall. Around the perimeter of the wall is a hanging system on which decorations can be placed.


Basic lighting / 110 chairs