Pleasant conference space with a view on the Václavské náměstí

Events —
130 m2
80 persons —
Praha 1, Nové Město

The cozy café with a view of Wenceslas Square and excellent coffee provides room for corporate events, press conferences, trainings and celebrations. Stylishly furnished with quiet interior with its own bar has a capacity of about 45 people to sit, or up to 80 people for standing up events.

The bright, open space with large windows forms one room with a raised platform at the back. Various types of catering, wine tasting and other forms of refreshment can be arranged.


  • Rental price is 2.500 CZK / hour without VAT
  • Opening hours are from 8:30 am to 8:30 pm on weekdays, weekends from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, private events can be used outside these official times until 04:00 am
  • The space is located in the very center of Prague, in case of interest it is possible to provide 1-2 parking spaces
  • WC is not directly a part of the café, however it is available on the mezzanine and on the 4th floor (the café is located on the 1st floor)
  • The entrance to the café is not fully closable to the rest of department store building
  • The space can get full of sunlight, so we recommend using a TV rather than a projector during the day


Bar / Couches / Stands / Wc / Wifi