Forum Karlín - conference and event space, Prague 8

Events —
3000 m2
3000 persons —
Praha 8, Karlín

Modern multifunctional conference spaces are a new “art venue”, which was opened in early June 2014. Venue is located close to the center of Prague in the Karlín district, which is currently expanding with the development of modern architecture.

The multifunctional hall is suitable for congresses, cultural and social events. It has excellent acoustics, for which it was awarded the certificate „11. the best acoustic hall in the world ”and won the“ Venue of the Year ”award last year.

The complex consists of:

  • main hall with two galleries (approx. 3 000 m2 - without galleries and foyer 1 150 m2)
  • foyer of the main hall (290 m2), can be separated from the main hall by an acoustic wall
  • five meeting rooms (5 x 20m2), mobile partitions allow to interconnect the space to 40m2 and 60m2 area

The space capacities are:

  • Conference 250 - 1360 people (theater), 250 - 750 people (school)
  • Gala 250 - 1150 people (sitting at round tables)
  • Party 250 - 2500 persons
  • Concert up to 3000 (standing) and 1800 (sitting)


  • Price for foyer between the bars is 50.000 CZK / day
  • Price for meeting rooms 20 m2 is 5000 CZK / 1 room / day
  • Rental of the main hall 250 000 CZK, with addtition of the 1st gallery 275 000 CZK and complete rental (hall, 1st and 2nd gallery) 300 000 CZK / day
  • You can rent only half of the main hall for 150 000 CZK
  • Price includes basic inventory, changing rooms, backstage, service fees, production and 5 parking spaces; extra services are charged
  • Possibility to rent the foyer separately only if the main hall is not used