Winter cruise on the Vltava river

Events —
50 m2
10 persons —
Praha 1, Nové Město

Try an original winter cruise on the waves of the Vltava river with a view of Prague Castle and the panorama of the embankment on our outdoor terrace of the beautiful ship Arwen wrapped in a warm blanket with a hot drink in hand. The mulled wine will be prepared for you by a professional bartender from excellent African wine, and the Czech goulash will be cooked by a renowned Czech chef. The ship has an internal cabin with heating, where a buffet will be prepared.

The boat is adapted for outdoor seating for 10 people with the possibility of outdoor grilling, or use the indoor cabin with a buffet. It is suitable for any celebration, meeting, teambuilding or family gathering.

You can play your own music on the boat during the cruise.

The maximum capacity that cannot be exceeded is 10 people. The Vltava is the most beautiful when it snows, why not experience it from a private boat?


  • The price is 8 990 CZK without VAT
  • The price of the package includes:
    • 1.5 hours of voyage;
    • 5l mulled wine or 5l Pirate grog with the possibility of serving tea
    • 10 portions of Czech goulash served with fresh pastries
  • Non-alcoholic: water, soda, juice (apple and orange)
  • The maximum capacity of the boat is 10 people + 2 people crew
  • Guests can board in 3 locations, Behind the Railway Bridge next to the kayak bar, under the Jirásek Bridge next to the Matilda and Klotilda boat, or at the Jazz Dock.


220w socket with a capacity of 2kw / Grill weber / Covering the back terrace with an umbrella / Music via bluetooth or usb / Warm blankets