Art Nouveau house for big events, Anděl

Events —
2100 m2
1800 persons —
Praha 5, Smíchov

Rent a beautiful Art Nouveau space close to Anděl. The building is a complex of halls and lounges ideal for large events such as parties, conferences, balls or even a fashion show.

On the ground floor there is a social hall with a capacity of 450 people for a banquet and 200 for a theater setup.

On the first floor you find the Great Hall with a podium and a capacity of 600 people for a banquet. There is also a foyer and the Arbes Hall with a capacity of 250 people for a banquet and 220 people in theater setup. The halls are complemented by 3 smaller lounges with a capacity of 50 - 90 people for a banquet and theater setup.

For summer events there is also a balcony with a capacity of up to 120 people.

The total capacity is up to 1800 people!


  • The price of an all-day rental is:
    • 120 000 CZK for the Great Hall
    • 40 000 CZK for Arbes Hall
    • 160 000 CZK for the entire first floor
    • 90 000 CZK for the Social Hall
    • 220 000 CZK for the whole space
  • The space is plain, without equipment, but we will be happy to arrange catering, equipment and furniture for you


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