Office for long-term lease in an old industrial school in Brno

Offices —
100 m2

We offer for long-term rent individual rooms of a historic industrial school in the center of Brno for the furnishing of offices or studios.

The building is gradually being revitalized. Its interiors are suitable for business plans, start-ups, sports facilities or various creative projects. There are units with an area of 65-100 m2.


  • Price estimates:
    • Room 65 m2 - 15 000 CZK / month
    • Room 85 m2 18 000 CZK / month
    • Room 105 m2 22 000 CZK / month
  • The flat rate per month includes: rent of space with 24/7 access, energy (water, electricity, heating), internet, waste collection and use of common areas including their cleaning (sanitary facilities, corridors and yard), the benefit is interesting neighbors and the opportunity to participate with community B2B events.


Heating / Internet