Retail space in the newly developing district Na Vackově

Shops —
51 m2
Praha 3, Žižkov

We offer for rent a business unit within the Na Vackově project. Now, 5 new buildings are being built along Malešická Street, within which 342 new housing units will be built.

To date, about 500 housing units have been completed. The total number of completed housing units will increase to 840 housing units by May 2021, which means slightly over 2,000 inhabitants. After the completion of all stages in the middle of 2024, we can look forward to a total of 1,420 housing units, ie 3,500 inhabitants.

Offered units:

  • Unit A - 43,4 m2 + 10,6 m2 front garden
  • Unit B - 50,8 m2 + 13,9 m2 front garden
  • Unit C - 114 m2
  • Unit D - 88 m2
  • Unit E - 82 m2

The units are especially suitable for florists, wine shops, delicatessens, cosmetics, pedicures, hairdressers, bakers, pharmacies, cafes. These shops and services are not currently within walking distance of the project. Spaces within one building can be combined upon individual agreement. The entrance is protected by an upper extended structure which allows the placement of seating.

Horní Žižkov will undergo major changes in the coming years. While a new commercial and residential district will be built in the area of ​​the Freight Station in connection with Olšanská Street in the coming years, the Na Vackově location adjacent to the Židovské pece park will become an ideal place for quiet living.


  • Monthly rent:
    • Unit A - 11 500 CZK
    • Unit B - 13 500 CZK
    • Unit C - 23 750 CZK
    • Unit D - 18 500 CZK
    • Unit E - 17 250 CZK
  • Available from May 2021
  • Minimum rental period 3 years
  • The premises are handed over in the shell & core state
  • These prices do not include VAT
  • test
  • Prices do not include VAT
  • Minimum lease period 3 years


Expenses / Construction readiness WC + kitchen / Electricity / Water