Shop or showroom in the office zone in Palmovka

Shops —
450 m2
Praha 8, Palmovka

Commercial space for rent on the ground floor or 1st floor of the Palmovka myhive office building in Prague 8.

There are two spaces, each with an area of 450 m2 of retail space, ideal for a shop or showroom. One space is located on the ground floor, the other just above it on the first floor. Alternatively, both spaces can also be divided in half.

The commercial space is located in the Palmovka myhive complex with more than 15,000 m2 of offices, and that's not all. There are several other office and residential buildings in the immediate vicinity, so this location offers a large amount of purchasing power.

The commercial space will be handed over in the shell & core state.


  • Monthly rent is 12.75 EUR / m2 / month
  • Deposit for service charges and utilities 125 CZK / m2 / month
  • Prices do not include VAT
  • Minimum lease period 5 years


Výlohy / Shell & core