Commercial unit in the centre of Karlín

Shops —
138 m2
Praha, Karlín

We offer you the possibility of renting a commercial space with a great potential. It is a two-storey space in the centre of Karlín Prague 8 with a total area of 137,7 m2. The ground floor offers 75,7m2 and the underground floor 62m2. 

The commercial unit was used for the operation of Casino, which had to close due to a new regulations of operation a Casinos in Prague. All the shutters will be opened, the soffits will be lowered, the entrance door will be enlarged so that as much light as possible will flow into the ground floor. 

We are currently awaiting for results on whether there will be an opportunity to approve the unit for gastro purposes, and therefore we are primarily offering the space as a retail unit, showroom, packaged food sales, etc. for now. 


  • Monthly rent - by offer
  • fees - approximately 500 CZK / m2 including all consumption
  • Minimum lease period 3 years