Rooftop offices in a luxurious location on Pařížská Street

Offices —
120 m2
Praha, Staré město

We're offering you a unique, renovated offices in the famous street Pařížská.

On the ground floor of the apartment building are located famous brands like VERSACE and Moncler. The whole building is in very good condition, well maintained and with a new elevator. 

The office space consists of four spacious rooms, which are pass-through, but at the same time it is possible to enter each room separately from the corridor. There is also a full bathroom with toilet and bath and a small kitchenette. The entire premises are equipped with an air conditioning unit and one of the rooms has a balcony. 

The date of moving in and any modifications to the offices will depend on the agreement with the owners. 

For a personal inspection please inform me in writing including the name of your company. 


The minimum required rent is 95.000 CZK/unit/month,

Fees to be specified, 

Electricity and gas will be transferred to the tenant, 

A bank guarantee is required, but in case of a reliable bidder it is possible to agree on a financial security of at least 3x the monthly rent,

The lease term is for a minimum of 3 years, maximum 5 years with an option

  • Prices do not include VAT
  • Minimum lease period 3 years