Restaurant in the industrial premises of Pragovka

Restaurants —
797 m2
Praha 9, Vysočany

We offer you a unique restaurant space in the industrial project Pragovka, specifically in the E Factory building.

E Factory is the beating heart of the entire 22-hectare project, a unique Pragovka art district located in the historic centre of Prague 9-Vysočany.

The unit for the restaurant is located on the ground floor, where it offers a total area of 604,62 m2, while the unit also includes a basement of 193,67 m2. The unit faces Kolbenova Street from one side and will form the first entry point to the entire project. The other two sides will face the courtyard of the project. 

The project consists of three phases and will offer a total of 10,000 m2 of office space. Apart from offices, the project also includes many other amenities such as spaces for artistic creation (dozens of art studios, galleries, outdoor installations, projections), open space office areas, event spaces, a café, a skate park, occasional markets, bazaars, outdoor sports facilities and much more. The total area of the E Factory building is 27.000 m2.

The unit is already standing and can be viewed at any time.

If interested, please contact us personally for more information. 



  • 1PP - 155 CZK / m2 / month
  • 1NP - 340 CZK / m2 / month
  • Service charges - 73 CZK / m2 / month
  • Direct consumption (water, heat) - approx. 43 CZK / m2 / month
  • Prices do not include VAT
  • Minimum lease period 5 years


Energy / Water / Lapol / HVAC / High ceilings /