24 / 11 / 2022

Flemming Laugesen: Emotive wines and delicacies

24 / 11 / 2022

We are happy that from now on we will meet him regularly in Karlin River City Prague, where he is opening his first own wine shop under the name Flemming's. In just a few months, the business will profile itself as a wine bar. From November 22, you can find him in the "piazza" between the Mississippi House and Missouri Park buildings.

Flemming is a native of Copenhagen and a recognized expert in Italian serious emotive wines in the Czech couloirs. It has been importing carefully selected products from small family wineries exclusively to the Czech Republic for many years, and at the same time supplying them to renowned gourmet restaurants. Flemming is a lover of chocolate, good food and a big fan of artisan producers whose products have added value and reflect the best of the place as much as possible.

According to him, quality wine brings people together and awakens emotions. For a wine to be emotional, it must be made from healthy grapes grown on healthy soil. In the whole cycle, in addition to specific local conditions, a person plays an equally important role - a true farmer who has the desire and vision to find an exceptional place to give rise to an exceptional product. "I soon began to observe the difference between a winemaker who just makes wine in a given place and those exceptional individuals who require genius loci."

The offer of Flemming's wine bar and shop is the result of many years of traveling and getting to know fateful Italy. It took him twenty-five long years to get to know the culture and landscape in such a large and varied country, to perceive it and to find the specific winemakers, and it is far from over. "Wine has never been as good and interesting as it is today. A wine that makes people happy, changes the mood and arouses emotions is needed, because today's time is extremely fast and rushed," says Flemming, adding that emotional wines know no boundaries in his company.

In addition to Italian wines, in which he mainly specializes, you will find the best Riesling wines from Germany, from the Moselle river valley. As a complete novelty, he included the first winery from France in his assortment. "When the wine is of really good quality, it tastes just as good here in Prague as it does in the place where it was born," concludes Flemming. He is uncompromising not only with wine, but also with other foods that he personally requires for survival in his life. At Flemming's wine bar and shop, for example, you can find the world's only non-bitter cocoa and chocolate from the African state of Sao Tome and Principe.