30 / 9 / 2020

Exclusive representation of the Coradia company

30 / 9 / 2020

For almost 20 years, Coradia has been at the forefront of selling mobile phones and phone accessories. It has experienced almost everything. From the successful expansion in Czech shopping centers, the financial crisis in 2008, through the cases of its competitors with smuggled accessories from Poland and China, to the present problems.

This year, like any other company, Coradia is coping with the effects of the coronavirus crisis. Despite the difficult situation, it keeps all the bills afloat, pays high rents to mall landlords fairly and plans to further expand the stores. In addition, as one of the few retailers, the company was able to reach for the government's Antivirus support program and, of course, the Covid-Rent program at all locations. The gallows financial conditions of those subsidy programs were replaced by numerous and time-consuming inspections from the authorities. "And then you say to yourself that nothing worse can come (laughs)," says Coradia's managing director - Jan Najmon.

At present, Coradia can include 19 branches throughout the Czech Republic in its portfolio - 14 kiosks of various sizes and 5 business units - all in a modern design.

Under the name Coradia, you will not only find stores with mobile phones and accessories for them. The successful Coradia Cafe, which has been operating for years, is also proud of its owners' portfolio and you can visit it in the Olympia Teplice shopping center. There has just been built a pleasant winter garden right at the main entrance to the center recently. You can enjoy excellent coffee, sandwiches, cakes, but also a full breakfast.

In addition, Coradia is proud of the high quality of services and educated employees in the field, which the owners highly value and consider to be the key know-how of the company. We are pleased to have been helping Coradia with the administration of contracts, amendments, expansions and effective communication with landlords for years.

Exclusive representation of the Coradia company Exclusive representation of the Coradia company Exclusive representation of the Coradia company