19 / 1 / 2022

Rohan Island is becoming a new sports and adventure destination

19 / 1 / 2022

The start of construction of the long-awaited HolKa footbridge connecting two dynamically developing Prague districts has started planning and implementing other follow-up projects of the real estate company CA Immo, which will gradually transform the unused Karlín embankment with the surrounding area of the modern River City Prague administrative complex.

An attractive retail mix and interesting leisure activities should attract a wide target group of people and especially connect the local community. Dejsiprostor was in charge of activating the site, shops and public space in the area of Rohan Island.

The planned projects will improve the location between the Vltava embankment and Karlínský náměstí and especially enrich it with new leisure activities for local residents, residents of the surrounding districts, as well as for employees from adjacent offices. “Informal meeting places for employees are becoming the centerpiece of premium office buildings, among other things. Therefore, we want to make the offer of these possibilities more attractive in the surrounding area, where the River Rink - winter ice rink with an original concept was built in December, and at the same time connect it with the local community, ”says Václav Jonáš, director of the Czech branch of CA Immo. It specializes in the construction and operation of office real estate, including the River City Prague business campus with five luxury office buildings.

Dejsiprostor (DSP) has become the operating partner, which compiles a mix of shops and restaurants within the project as an attractive unit for traders and end visitors. In addition to the appropriate selection of companies, and thus securing tenants for commercial premises, it then manages and evaluates their success. At the same time, DSP co-creates a public space inspired by trendy projects from abroad and prepares community and cultural programs such as River Rink.

This pop-up winter project attracts visitors to the River City Prague complex thanks to a pleasantly lit outdoor ice rink measuring 15 x 30 meters and a vibrant atmosphere, which is completed by a stylish street food corner set in shipping containers and a heated après-skate bar, where great fun is provided by bartenders with original signature drinks, DJs with their live music sets and also interesting musicians during acoustic evenings. The big draw of River Rink is a rich accompanying program on and off the ice, a pleasant environment where people like to stay and make new contacts, but also a specially compiled winter menu from the local Karlín concept Nejen bistro, including mulled wine from Poctivý svařák.

The proximity of the Vltava River, good transport accessibility and a perfect location in the city center, which will be made even better accessible by the HolKa footbridge in the future, are in themselves a great prerequisite for making Rohan Island a popular leisure destination. But it is only thanks to other follow-up projects, including River Rink, that the surroundings of the River City Prague administrative complex really come to life. “We really appreciate the cooperation with the investor CA Immo on such an important project, which will partially change the character of the dynamic Karlín. That is why we will make every effort to create a new public cult space full of greenery, life, sports and good gastronomy, where residents from all over Prague like to go, ”says Ivo Suchomel from DSP.

DSP with CA Immo is already implementing proposals for the construction of the Karlín Embankment and Community Park, will open up new event spaces, create a wider portfolio of leisure activities focused on education, culture and sports and expand the offer of attractive gastronomic establishments from the adjacent Karlínské náměstí to the Vltava embankment. Karlín embankment full of greenery and resting places. Currently, there are trails for runners, cyclists and skaters. An artificial river surf with a view of Prague Castle will be created on the nearby old canal on Štvanice.