7 / 9 / 2020

Second Rybistro shop in Prague

7 / 9 / 2020

Rybistro's second branch is born. This time it landed in Prague's Letná, as part of the PARKet gastro zone in the Stromovka shopping center.

The legendary fish bistro from "Jiřák" does not need to be introduced. They specialize in the sale of quality fresh fish and fish dishes, which are loved not only by locals, but also by tourists. The menu consists mainly of sea fish and seafood, but lovers of freshwater fish will also enjoy themselves. Behind the glass of the display case, according to the current offer, you will find various monsters, from trout to swordfish. They won't leave you thirsty either, so you can drink great tiger prawns with a glass of Sauvignon.

The owner of Rybistro is Radek Ficza. Working with fresh fish is a tough job and you can see that this guy just enjoys it. And we enjoy it too. Rybistro has a story, balls, and a smile of the owner, who you will usually find right behind the counter. You can personally compliment him on his fish specialties, or his decent fish odor.

We at Dejsiprosor approached Radek to cooperate within the PARKet project in the Stromovka shopping center, which we created for the company Lordship. In addition to the entire PARKet concept, which is located on the 1st floor of the 900 m2 shopping center, we were also in charge of the exclusive rental of all units. The main idea of ​​the PARKet is to create a place in the classic shopping center with a quality gastronomy, coffee, bar and accompanying cultural and musical program. All this in an industrial environment with a focus on greenery. Rybistro finally caught a nice unit of 38 m2 and set up its second store in Prague. And again, there is something to look at. With its design, Rybistro at PARKet is definitely one of the best you can find at OC Stromovka.

Come and see for yourself, taste some seafood, or have fresh fish wrapped with you and get at home on one of Jamie Oliver's recipes. Radek Ficza, who is here today like a fish in water, will definitely be happy to advise you on how to bone and what to serve. Good appetite!