5 / 8 / 2021

We livened up the pedestrian zone at the Cyberdog robotic winebar

5 / 8 / 2021

Past, present and future in one place. The futuristic Cyberdog building has been standing on the piazza in Nové Butovice for a long time on the border of new and old buildings. The location with potential needed a little kick, so together with Trigema we put our heads together and decided to add life to this location.

What exactly is Cyberdog? Technology and information center with a robotically operated wine bar. The building consists of two floors. Its shape is supposed to resemble the head and body of a dog, the material of a spaceship from the future. Cyberdog is a space divided into a robotic workplace, "cable cars" located above the seating for guests and a space with a projection, where wonders from the world of technology are projected.

The pedestrian zone also includes a 12-meter statue of Trifot by the artist David Černý (as well as Cyberdog), the Trifot restaurant and the Czech Photo Center gallery. With Dejsiprostor, we enter the scene as a link between these diverse concepts with a plan to revive this part of the pedestrian zone close to the Nové Butovice metro station and attract people there.

Now you can meet a red "drinktruck" from the Vinohradský Pivovar, which also took over the operation of Cyberdog. Come and enjoy an honest beer form Vinohradský Pivovar or glass of wine from the Dog in Dock winery, or a variety of mixed drinks and homemade lemonades. A charismatic group of bartenders with a regular cultural program in the form of street buskers, smaller concerts or a summer cinema will make your afternoon more pleasant. That you will not experience it in Prague housing estates? We believe only from a lack of opportunities.

We look forward to seeing you!