27 / 7 / 2022

We were swapping old pieces from the wardrobe, by the river

27 / 7 / 2022

Together with SWAP Prague, we organized the first Karlin swap in River City. From Thursday to Sunday you could swap your unnecessary household items, clean out your wardrobe and dress up for the summer in a slightly different way and most importantly - sustainably.

Swaps of all kinds are gaining popularity not only abroad, but also in the Czech Republic. And no wonder. The trend of a sustainable way of life has also penetrated the fashion industry. Local fashion, organic cotton and recycled materials. A few quality pieces instead of an overflowing wardrobe with "fast fashion" clothing. But there is nothing as sustainable as when older pieces are not thrown away, but are returned to circulation. The culture of second-hand and upcycling, which came to us from Berlin, bases its success on this principle. Flea and vintage pieces at a fraction of the price of fashion stores. And with the warm feeling that one is doing something for the planet. It kind of makes sense, right?

The girls from SWAP Prague push these ideas even further. After all, there are so many surplus clothes and things in the world that there is no need to pay for them anymore. And so the idea of ​​a swap was born. The principle is simple. You bring unnecessary but functional items (primarily clothes, but also jewelry or toys, for example) to the swap and offer them to other participants for free. In return, you can take any number of pieces offered by others. The girls will take over all the things and display them in such a way that you feel like you are in some design shop on Letná.

SWAP by the river, as we called the event, took place for 4 days and was accompanied by a rich program such as talks on sustainable fashion and various workshops. The guys from the River Rink Summer bar provided music and cold drinks and tasty burgers were served by a food truck. Despite the slightly rainy weather, the swap was very busy the whole time, people were discussing with each other and everyone was enjoying the relaxed vibes by the river, the great energy of the event and the warm feeling that swapping gives you. The feeling that something makes sense.

The entire event took place as part of River City's activation and culture & community management, which Dejsiprostor executes for CA IMMO, the owner of the entire complex of modern office buildings. In addition to activating the local community, the goal was to provide an interesting program and benefit for the companies based here and the people who work here daily. According to the reactions of all participants, this was a success and we are already looking forward to the planned 2nd swap by the river, which should take place this year due to the event's great success.

If you too are interested in cultural and community management of your project or locality, write to us at ahoj@dejsiprostor.cz